Télécharger Saalana Enseignants [FR] - Télécharger Saalana Elèves [FR]

Télécharger la documentation Utilisateur de Saalana (Elèves et Enseignants) [FR]



(Anglais uniquement. Français prochainement)

1. Developping the exercises




Presentation of Saalana software suite. Presentation of the features of Saalana Teacher. A french teacher is showing three types of exercises made with Saalana Teachers.










2. Exporting the exercises



The students connect to the lessons prepared by the teacher due to the fact that the teacher exported his lessons from Saalana Teachers and imported them into Saalana Students.
This tutorial is showing the first step : exportation from Saalana Teachers.










3. Importing the exercises




Second step : how can teachers import the exercices in Saalana Students.










4. Doing the exercises



A french teacher is showing the features of Saalana Students, and how can her students learn with Saalana Students.











5. Correcting the exercises



This tutorial is showing how can teachers correct the exercises made by them students 
with Saalana Teachers.